Redfearn, Morrison, Thomas - Chartered Quantity Surveyors


The costt economists and management experts of the construction industry
  • Our role in a FEASIBILITY STUDY is to advise on the cost of what is being considered and to compare costs of options.
  • In the DESIGN stages we monitor and control as necessary to keep within the Client's budget.
  • When Requirements or Design are complete we prepare TENDER DOCUMENTS and seek competitive tenders or NEGOTIATE when instructed with chosen contractors.
  • During CONSTRUCTION we monitor progress and certify accounts due to contractors as interim payments strictly in accordance with the Building Contract.
  • Upon COMPLETION we value any changes Clients have requested and certify the correct amount of the Final Account.
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  • We assist Clients in determining their REQUIREMENTS.
  • We advise upon and instigate the appointment of CONSULTANTS to the Client.
  • We manage DESIGN TEAM development of the Client's brief.
  • We are thus a knowledgeable INTERFACE between our Clients and their design teams and contractors.

Our training and experience as Chartered Quantity Surveying members of the RICS enables us to also provide valuable advice in the following areas:

  • Valuations of Rebuilding Costs for INSURANCE.
  • Evaluation of LOSS following damage from Insured Risks.
  • PRICING of Dilapidation Schedules for Landlords or Tenants.
  • Applications for GAP FUNDING from bodies providing grant assistance.
  • Submission of detailed cost information for projects seeking LOTTERY funding.

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